Alstom Chooses Simplicity

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The industrial giant Alstom has chosen the solution APAAS to create the repository of all of its servers and software, a project that has received the award for best project in the Cloud EuroCloud trophies.

Present in a hundred countries, realizing an annual turnover of 20.3 billion euros with 96,000 employees, the Alstom Group is one of the jewels of French industry. With an information system the extent of such a group with more than 5000 applications, more than 10,000 servers, 5 major data centers and computer rooms on 700 different sites, 90,000 users, hundreds of thousands of software licenses, data virtualization is a big job. Like all manufacturers, Alstom is constantly looking for potential savings and IT is no exception to the rule. For those looking for IT services closer to home, try Prosper IT of Norfolk.

The DSI has entrusted the mission to Laurent Giraud, head of the IT architecture group at Alstom – IS & T are to set up repository systems to optimize the Group’s IT resources. “We already had a solution that does this for the office party, Remedy, but transposing it to the application part appeared as a costly project, which involved very long development time,” said the official. He added, “The goal for ISD Alstom was to detect sources of potential savings while improving the quality of our data. When we looked at the number of machines at our disposal, utilization rates, we were told that there was a significant saving deposit to be made and we do not want to wait for the development of a CMDB on Remedy. ”

Laurent Giraud turned to a radically different solution: building a CMDB (Configuration Management Database) centrally which corresponds exactly to the needs of Alstom: “We wanted to tie applications to each of our servers…We had a fairly urgent need to know our server park worked with a global perspective while information was only available locally in the minds of members of each team. However, to take action to optimize our park, we were able to have this information from a centralized point of view.”

Developing a CMDB from zero, that is potentially a multi-year project, and it is a choice that may seem totally paradoxical as the urgency of achieving results is in order and considering that the budget is limited. If Laurent Giraud then makes this choice, it is because he has decided to use a cloud solution, the platform APAAS French Simplicity. More than a typical PaaS, Simplicity provides an application building environment that requires virtually no programming. A tool MDA (Model-Driven Architecture) ultra simplified is immediately available in the cloud. Thomas Repolt, the development manager of Simplicity, summarizes the tool: “Simplicity is a cloud platform designed to perform all types of business applications on short cycles and reduced costs.”

This tool could be exactly what Alstom needs as it’s seeking a simple solution for designing this application mainly dedicated to the collection of information. Responsible architecture details his choice of this technical solution, saying, “With Simplicity, designing a data model is simply creating objects that can interconnect. For example, graphically it binds a server object to an environment, it is to say a prod machine, pre-production, etc. It draws the data model in the tool and it generates you all HMI data entry. The Construction of the model is almost totally graphic and then the generation of screens is automatic. On the rights management component, there is no development to lead if desired. ” In addition, another advantage of an application generator in the Cloud is its ability to adapt to an agile way of working. The deployment strategy chosen by Laurent Giraud is to start small and then gradually expand the model.

How To Clean Your iPhone Screen

Ever since the world of technology has ameliorated, the demand for perfection has become a must. The average smartphone user tries his best to keep his smartphone in the most becoming condition, a condition that makes your phone a cynosure. As part of this desultory pace for perfection, these tactics provided by Tech Medics, an Iphone repair shop in Hemel Hempstead. They’ll be going through on how to keep your smartphone screen shiny and new!

iphone repair hemel hempsteadAs part of this struggle, most of the individuals have gone on to use methods that would make even the most solemn person end up laughing. Two of the most hilarious and ironically frequently used methods are, cleaning the screen by throwing water on it and then rubbing it with a dirty cloth and secondly rubbing the screen with your hands to achieve personal satisfaction. Surprisingly enough, both these methods might make your screen shine for an ephemeral period but they do often end up leaving ugly scars.

Most of you might be wondering whether there is another way of cleaning the dust of your iPhone screen other than rubbing it with the rear end of your t-shirt. Surprisingly there is. iPhone screens are built and modified to endure tough conditions, but you surely don’t want to lose that shine from your smartphone or do you? Well, there are some tips that you should strictly follow while doing this herculean task, inability to follow any of these tips would result in severe consequences; not that severe though. The first and most important tip is to use a microfiber soft cloth while cleaning the screen. This is perhaps the single most important thing in this whole process, neglecting the use of the microfiber soft cloth would make the whole process futile.

Once you have laid your hands on a microfiber soft cloth, the next tip is to find out whether the process needs water or not, if you do think that your screen needs a tad bit of water, you can use it but it is strictly recommended that the water used should be poured on the microfiber soft cloth and not at all on the iPhone screen as there is always a risk of water leaking into the speakers or the audio jacks.

Once you have sprayed the right amount of water on the microfiber soft cloth, you should start off by rubbing the soft cloth in gentle circular motions. This process can be applied on the back of the phone as well because it almost always rubs off all the specks of dust present. Other minor things that you should take notice of during this procedure are firstly that if you are using water, then make sure that you clean the edges and corners of the iPhone with the dry part of the microfiber soft cloth and secondly, please do avoid the use of any sorts of chemicals, as you won’t really like your iPhone to catch fire. If all the tips are duly followed, you’ll have a screen as shiny as the morning sun, that is if there are no clouds present.


Current Trends In The Mobile App Space

It’s true there is an abundance of mobile apps in various categories and one can’t help but think that the market is overly saturated. This isn’t the case according to Forrester Research, a research-based advisory firm. In a study the firm conducted, the results indicate that mobile app development is increasing at a staggering rate.

The same trend was observed by another analyst agency, Gartner. The organization came out with the statement that the rising availability of inexpensive smartphones in the developing countries is the driving force behind the need to build more and more apps.

Another prediction from the same company is that by 2016, around 50% of the apps available will by hybrid apps. Said apps are multi-platform or can be used with multiple devices across operating systems.

The merging of mobile apps with cloud computing has given way to smart apps. These apps change the way users use their brain for remembering or learning things. This means instead of storing information in our heads, we now store them using apps. Shopper, is a free grocery app for iOS and Android. Just recently, the creators announced a new feature: image recognition capability. This makes it the first visual search app for grocery shopping.

The new feature works by allowing users to take photos of grocery items around their house and then proceeds to build a grocery list out of those photos. How cool is that?

Travel apps are getting a lot of attention these days. Navigating a new place can be daunting for some. This is especially true for some solo travelers who don’t know anyone in the place being visited. Well actually, it’s not really that hard when your destination is Paris and you’ve got the SmarterParis app installed. Getting around Paris has never been this easy, fun and hassle free for both Parisians and  tourists. Just take a look at the list of features on the website to find out for yourself or better yet test it.

Health monitoring apps have also become popular these days. There are thousands of those in both the Android and Apple app stores that it has been predicted that soon some of these apps will require a prescription.

The BlueStar app from WellDoc is the first of its kind prescription-only app made for people suffering from Type II diabetes. What the app does is analyse and immediately give guidance and feedback using patient’s data that he or she inputs into the app. The doctor can also use a patient’s stored data, analysis, and health report when they come visit.

Wearable tech is a tech trend that will have a huge impact on app development. It refers to the range of clothing and accessories that have computer and electronic components. Examples of wearable tech are GoogleGlass, Samsung Smartwatch, the soon to be released Apple Watch, Nike Fitbit, Virtual Reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift and the recently announced HoloLens and the list goes on. Tech analysts predict that soon even small players will join the tech giants in coming up with wearable devices.

IT Support For Small Businesses

IT support

Although there are still some businesses who choose to have an in-house IT team, some other companies still find it cheaper to outsource help from professionals when it comes to their IT infrastructure support. That usually gives them more time to focus on other aspects of their business and leave the IT support company to deal with the new IT innovations and initiatives in order to strengthen the foundation of your IT infrastructure, which supports the company’s growth and revenue. Here are some services where in you can definitely, get off your mind, and outsource to a managed IT support provider near you:

Setting up Network and Administration: When your company only has about 50 employees or less, you are considered a small business. It is more likely that you don’t have the staff resources to delegate the task to set up the network and to have someone be the administrator that oversees the network on a routine basis. With outsourced IT support, you are able to find qualified personnel to supervise this particularly important factor of your company, which will cost less than employing an in-house IT staff.

Secured Network: Securing your network can generally be a considerable challenge for small businesses because it is a major necessity in today’s business environment. When you outsource your network security needs to an excellent IT service provider, you are guaranteed that you will be protected from the latest threats and dangers that your network may face when you don’t have a quality IT department. Outsourced IT support offers stability because you are assured that your network continues to be updated with the latest security measures, such as intrusion detection systems and firewalls, which make sure your precious company data is always secured.

Data Recovery and Back-up: Most small business start-ups fold within a year following a big data loss, which could have been easily prevented. Data Recovery and Back up can be an expensive venture especially for small businesses who usually don’t have the funds to support it. With an outsourced IT support provider, they usually offer data backup and recovery as part of their support package giving you a cost effective way in dealing with your IT infrastructure. You are assured that your data will most likely be secured and will be easily obtained in an event of a big data loss.

As described above, the everyday operations of your very own business can be immensely helped in a lot of ways, with regards to your IT Infrastructure. When you employ and outsource the best possible managed IT service provider that would greatly fit your company needs, you can expect a greater impact on your business’ overall performance. You can usually gauge a great IT service provider with how well they handle the relocation of your IT. Unsuccessful IT office relocation projects have, more often than not, become one of the most common and notorious causes of disaster recovery events. A good example of a great managed IT service provider in London, is a company called Prosyn. Prosyn knows how demanding it could get when you relocate your IT on your own, especially if you are just running a small business. That is why they have devised a great plan and designed a process that is extremely efficient and very flexible to your company’s need. Getting a chance to work with managed IT service providers like Prosyn would really garner positive results. So, I suggest you stop trying to improve on your costly in-house IT staff and simply outsource IT services when you can.

New Hardware In 2015

Technology advances increasingly which confirms that we soon will not need tools that are tradition for wrote. This has been pronounced and the changes are occurring year to year. That is why all the leading companies engaged in the production of hardware and software chose 2015 as a year to deal with this issue. The question is, will technology advances (finally, for a change) give us more time and jam to get us back to nature, fresh air, walking.

It is expected that phone manufacturers continue to compete in the hardware whith the publication of its new models this year. They will this year focus on updating the specification cameras and displays. As some manufacturers have already begun to use 2K displays (2560 x 1440), screens with this resolution should become standard for the flagship phones in 2015.

hpHP- Stream Mini comes in a small and attractive package (dimensions are similar to Apple’s Mac Mini computer). Stream Mini runs on Celeron 2957 processor, 2GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD – although it is an extremely small amount of space for data storage, comes with the purchase of computers and two-year subscription to 200GB OneDrivea so that, instead of on disk, users content stored in the cloud or, with respect to the micro SD entrance, on an optional memory card.

This mini computer has four USB 3.0 ports, support for Bluetooth and DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI outputs, and comes with Microsoft Windows 8.1. Although we can not boast of advanced hardware, Stream Mini makes it ideal for computer users who need a small and inexpensive computer, with a Windows system to perform basic operations.

one m9HTC (One M9) – According to latest information, the device will have a 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM.

This report confirms rumors that HTC gives up the DUC Camera configuration present in the smartphone HTC One M8 and instead opted for the front camera 13 and the rear camera of 20.7 megapixels. HTC One M9 according to new information has a 5-inch screen with resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

The device will use the operating system 5.1 Lollipop, and will have “refreshed” version of Sense UI.

asusASUS – At this year’s CES announced new products designed specifically for gamers, including their brand hardware Republic of Gamers (ROG).

The star of the ROG Swift PG27AQ monitor, 3840 x 2160 4K / UHD resolution, IPS panel, 1000: 1 contrast and brightness of 300cd / m². Swift PG27AQ owns and OSD (on-screen-display) with joystick to navigate, with a thin frame and adjustment of all axes.

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